Craving It

Embark on a 10-year culinary journey with me, Neto Craves, as I unveil my favorite recipes from childhood and creations infused with a decade of flavors from Mexico. These recipes have been my companions through joy, anger, sadness, excitement, and tears—teaching me, shaping me, and aiding my personal growth. Now, I share them with you, hoping they offer an escape from reality for at least an hour. Since embracing a vegan lifestyle a decade ago, I've seamlessly woven it into my cooking, ensuring my love for food remained intact. Originating from Texas and Mexico, my recipes reflect the fusion of these two vibrant cultures, delivering a taste that's mostly Mexican with a touch of Texas. Each dish carries my signature flair, providing a glimpse into my upbringing and an opportunity for you to experience the flavors that shaped my life. Let this collection be your guide to a culinary adventure that transcends time and borders.

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Craving It

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Step into "Craving It: The Collection," a compilation curated by me, Neto Craves. Unveiling 60 cherished vegan recipes, this book encapsulates my decade-long exploration into plant-based living. Raised in Mexico and born in Texas, my recipes harmonize diverse flavors that have shaped my culinary identity. With heartfelt appreciation for your ongoing support, I invite you to savor each recipe, a genuine slice of my culinary journey. Thank you for being part of this flavorful expedition.