Empowering Creators: How Found Drives Revenue and Deepens Audience Connections

SOCIAL media cooks who have a large following can now create cash for their content – with little effort on their part.

Thousands of influencers have a loyal audience who love their recipes – making them rich in numbers but not in cash.

But now thanks to a unique system, they can turn that content into printed assets with no outlay, with the full backing of an award-wining company.

Found is a system where once the company is allowed access to digital content this can be turned into hard copy books which can feature favourite recipes – and then can be sold directly to followers.


For the influencers it’s a win-win situation as the books are printed on demand, so there is no upfront monetary outlay. The orders are sent out directly by Found, with the creator receiving their percentage on every book sold going directly back to them.

The ordering process sits on the Found website, so the influencer doesn’t even need a website to benefit.

At the same time anyone who signs up with Found also benefits from a support PR and marketing package to help them raise their profile and build their followers.

Found was created by entrepreneur Nigel Watson and Louise Stephenson, Managing Director of Found, said influencers in both the UK and USA are already seeing great results.

“Creating content gives people an asset that a lot of them don’t realise they can moneterise,” she said,

“There are hundreds of home cooks and chefs sharing their recipes on Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram which are gaining them followers but not making them any money.

“This is a fantastic, no risk, way of them being able to use their assets for their financial benefit and the more they promote their books to their followers, the more money they are likely to make.”

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One influencer who has already benefited is Caroline Davis, aka Mississippi Kween, who has more than 1.4m followers who watch her southern cooking videos on Tik Tok and Instagram.

She has sold more than 12,000 copies of her first cookery book and has thousands of pre-orders for her second.

“It’s been absolutely amazing for me,” she said.

“All I’ve had to do is promote the books to my followers to help generate sales at no cost to me at all.”

Louise Stephenson said that “our state-of-the-art technology means that the process can be really fast, and we aim to get the books live within four weeks, where as a publisher would take months to do this.”


Found has also recently just extended its offering to cover merchandise, allowing influencers to create branded products such as aprons which again can help grow both their audience and their cash.

To eligible for Found influencers need to have at least 50 recipes across their social platforms and must also be willing to help with the marketing of the books, by promoting it to their audience.

The company is also looking to work with up-and-coming content creators to help them grow their profile and so can benefit from everything Found has to offer.

The plan is to extend the offering in the near future to include influencers who are also working in the fields of health and beauty/wellbeing.

“It may sound too good to be true, but we’ve already got clients who are doing really well out of this process,” said Louise. “And we hope that more of them will now realise that they are sitting on an untapped source of revenue.”

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